Sky Chatting

November 4, 2017

Back when I was afraid of falling asleep by myself, shadows of trees would rock against my bedroom ceiling. I did not want to close my eyes, so I would concentrate on its drywall texture. It was a map of unexplored geography. In the shadows, I imagined the stencils of kingdoms until I was dizzy from concentrating on the ceiling. I would turn away from the dark shapes and try to sleep, but restless nausea met the fear of closing my eyes.

We lived in Federal Way, Washington, back when “federal” was not in my vocabulary. There was a two-bedroom townhouse for you, me, and Robert. Every night, you and Robert went to sleep in the master bedroom. I went alone to my dark, drywall sky. I was afraid to close my eyes. I would go to your room to escape shadowy kingdoms. I could finally fall asleep next to you.

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As Flower as Fiction

September 25, 2017

Drawing is freestyling. I won’t draw exactly what I see, because that’s really hard. I’ll mimic its style, how I see the overall shape, how the light generally falls. But the actual, specific outlines—those details I forego.

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Hello World!

July 26, 2016

Last week, I moved out of my sublease after wrapping up summer classes and freshman year of college for good. Now that I’m away from campus (finally) and able to breathe air untainted by the certain, distinct smells of South Central Los Angeles, I want to give an introspective account of college thus far.

Last August, I came to the University of Southern California as one of 22 students in the Iovine and Young Academy. ~*The Academy*~, as we have dubbed it (out of both love and mockery), is a new major funded by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre for students talented in the arts, technology, and business of innovation. By that I mean I am literally earning a “Bachelors of Science in The Arts, Technology, and Business of Innovation.”


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